How do I create a Booxie?

In the app, press the "Create" button in the bottom-center of the screen! You'll see a prompt asking how many pages you'd like to Booxie to be, but you'll also be able to change the number of pages later.

From here, simply start adding content! Booxies can contain images, video, drawings, stickers, and more. To move to the next page, swipe the page like you're flipping through a book, or use the page controls in the middle of the screen. 

Once you're done creating, press the 'Done' button in the upper right corner, choose who you want to share the Booxie with, and set the properties for the Booxie. That's it! Your Booxie will be published for your selected audience to see, and you can edit or remove it at any time.


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